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Our team is committed to high-quality training, because our focus is passing on the knowledge on an unbeatable level.. In order to effectively master the course material, we have put together a uniquely structured 3-semester training video series for you.

This training is a series of 18 + 18 videos, which provides training material from the basics to the top, covering almost all market sectors. It gives you a full understanding of the entire market and trading through technical analysis, fundamental interpretation of the market, including the milestones of Money Management and Risk Management. It teaches you how to trade consciously in the short, medium and long term.

The trainer is Tamas Nagy, who compiled and prepared the 18-parts video training curriculum for you by combining his nearly 20 years of experience and studies as a trader and investor. Tamas is an instructor in several professional sectors, so our material comes from excellent hands.

In Hungarian only (HU) Please do not forget that this service is only available in Hungarian.

The training basically consists of 3 semesters based on the philosophy of how we learn a profession.

The Expert Video Training provides training material for all types of trading. From long-term trading (with positions of up to half a year) to extreme short-term positions (trades held open for up to minutes).

The first semester teaches the fundamentals and rules that cannot be ignored, which are essential for trading every minute. This is the semester that lays the foundations and on which we can continue to build.

The second semester presents the tools which without the trading would be impossible. These tools are responsible for correctly interpreting the charts, regardless of market sectors.

The third semester teaches you to trade properly, knowing the basics and the tools to be used. It trains you how and on what basis to choose an asset, how to analyze and interpret it. It helps to learn when, where, why to open a position, as well as when to close it. It teaches you how to manage money and risk, which knowledge can be used not only in trading but at your on business and other aspects of life.

The 18-parts educational video series compiled by Tamas, and the 18 corresponding “Q&A videos”, which approach the curriculum from several angles with the help of our Mentors.

The special feature of the Training is that when it started, the participating members received one video per week. Then the questions asked by the students were processed in the “Q&Ar video”. This allows us to highlight individual topics from all possible viewpoints.

In addition to the series, we provide separate chat rooms for Training participants on our Discord server. Mentors are always available on this communication interface, and members who have completed (or in the process) the training can share their experiences and questions.

Training Chat (Chat room reserved for Training participants)

Training Sound Chat (a room for voice chat for Training participants)

Training questions (The training question room is not reserved for chat, but for questions from the actual participants. )

Questions may be answered in the chat room from time to time. – Our team is very busy, so we cannot promise to answer all questions, but please be patient in view of the time it takes to respond.

This conversation is only in Hungarian however our team is working tireless in order to complete the English version of this training

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor


Video Training

Entry Video Training

Only Hungarian (HU)
The Entry is a mini Video Training (5 parts) which was created for the purpose of taking the first steps of the path os succesful trading.
Fundamentals of the crypto market
The basics of chart analysis
Basics of trade execution Part 1
Basics of trade execution Part 2
The basics of conscious risk and money management

Nagy Tamás



Video Training

Expert Video Training

Only Hungarian (HU)
This training is a series of 18 + 18 videos, which provides training material from the basics to the top, covering almost all market sectors.
100+ hours of Training video - (Only Hungarian)
Video Training Discord chat - lifetime - (Only Hungarian)
Basic knowledge of trading and analysis - (Only Hungarian)
Tools to interpret the stock market properly
Strategies, stock market psychology, risk and money management - (Only Hungarian)