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The founders of Trade On The Market have brought together nearly two decades of experience from the market to raise the standards of the Hungarian trading and investing community. The founders, Tamas Nagy and Jeno Banyai have decades of educator / trainer experience from several professional sectors. Based on these experiences, they’ve set personal mission to create a system that can change people’s lives and mindsets about the market and finance. With all that, the knowledge (provided by Trade On The Market) can be applied to other areas of life.

The project covers all economic and market sectors.

Achieving this goal requires a lot of resources. Therefore, selection and continuous training of the team members is an absolute priority. Thanks to this, our mentors faithfully represent the spirit of Trade on the Market.

The new direction

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The Trade On The Market team thoroughly studies all sectors and thus has professional and in-depth information, pretty much about everything. The usability of new markets has huge potential, so the emerging Crypto market is also in the team’s crosshairs, while they keep monitoring the “old riders”, such as stocks, forex, commodities, ETF/INDEX, etc. The mentors have comprehensive experience in both technical and fundamental analysis, so they try to pass this on to our subscribers as it’s their best. After many years of research, the team gathered all properties and characteristics of each market sector and formed into a unique framework. And this is why the trade on the Market Training program is so special.

Given our team’s extensive professional experience and ongoing high quality training within the team, we have dedicated team members for different market sectors, giving you the opportunity to understand the technical complexities of the Forex Market, the complex economics of the commodities market and the deep fundamental threads of the equity world.

When it comes to investing / trading, nothing is more rewarding than study and self-improvement. Do the necessary research, study and analysis before making any decisions.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing…” – Warren Buffet“

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