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“TOTM “ADVANCED” (ONLY HUNGARIAN) was created for those, whoever finished our “ENTRY” Video Training and capable of using its materials routinely, ready to move to the next level of knowledge. (By subscribing to the Advanced membership, we also grant access to the Entry Video Training. )

This level provides additional written and video content for continuous learning and development, all of which is supported by interactive training and the non-stop availability of our Mentors. There are no unanswered questions here.

Please do not forget that this service is only available in Hungarian. Our team is constantly working on the English version. As soon as we have more information on this matter, we will inform you immediately.

We also provide live charts and practical examples of various situations for practice.

The ADVANCED level offers the following options:

– 1 live seminar per week, where no question remains unanswered (ONLY HUNGARIAN)
– Continuously updated video knowledge base (ONLY HUNGARIAN)
– Unique social interface with an extreme amount of education (
– Advanced practical examples (
– Continuously updated, written knowledgebase (
– Unique TOTM cycle analysis
– Custom developed indicators (e.g. forex live indicator)
– Live charts And more projects in development are waiting to join the repertoire of the Advanced level.

In Hungarian only (HU) Please do not forget that this service is only available in Hungarian.

1 live seminar per week, where no question is left behind. (ONLY HUNGARIAN)

The live seminar is an event that takes place once a week, usually on Friday (we reserve the right to change the date) in the evening time. Questions, whatever asked live will be answered immediately. The seminar lasting several hours, divided into two parts:

– First part: Thematic education, (Will be recorded)
– Second part: Informal conversation with the Mentors (Not recorded)

We have great respect for our members, so we would like to indicate here that the event will be recorded. When joining the conversation, you accept that your voice and shared image will be included in the recording. If you can’t participate on a seminar don’t worry, you won’t miss anything because the recording will be available on the website. In addition, we return to a topic at any time, even a thousand times, because we know that many topics are not as simple as they first seem. Active subscribers can retroactively view unlimited recordings.

Some examples from the continuously updated video knowledge base (ONLY HUNGARIAN)

-Flags and wedge patterns
-Head and shoulders pattern
-The construction of price movement
– Presentation about the correct use of MACD/RSI indicators

Active subscribers can retroactively view unlimited video knowledge base material made so far on our website during the membership period.

A unique community platform with an extreme amount of education (ONLY HUNGARIAN)

The Money Factory Chat room is a unique place where no question goes unanswered. The whole chat is a never-ending “course”, with continuous postings of exercises and tutorials, explanations. An extremely well-prepared team and company that can teach you to interpret market events at a high level. Among the other communication channels included in the subscription, there are off topic areas where the atmosphere is guaranteed to relieve stress. The result is guaranteed!

Advanced practical examples (ONLY HUNGARIAN)

Flowing communication about the categorized market sectors and their fundamental background. During these conversations, the Mentors try to promote the learning process with practical examples of different situations, market conditions. The presented practical examples and options are published and implemented exclusively on PaperTrading (Paper trade is a simulated trade provided by TradingView, that allows an investor to practice buying and selling without risking real money).

Some examples from a continuously updated, written knowledge base (ONLY HUNGARIAN)

– Crypto dictionary
– Binance Futures explanation (how it works, how do I use it?)
– Binance OCO (how it works, how do I use it?)
– Shorting on Binance Futures
– Trailing Stop (how it works, how do I use it?)
– TOTM 2/1 strategy (Money Management)
– TOTM 2% (Risk Management)
– Candle patterns
– Swing Trade
– Trend break
– Knowledge base Classic (Chart reading corrections, priority of trend lines, etc.)
– Stock market psychology

Unique TotM cycle analysis

A real special feature of the Trade on the Market team is the “TOTM Cyclical Analysis”, which is based on nearly two decades of trading and analysis experience! And we provide full insight into this for all PRO ranking members. That means we are tracking and publishing all the opening and closing times of the cycles on assets, followed by the team. All in one place

Custom developed indicators

Forex indicator: monitors the strength of currency indices that cannot be traded on the market individually. The indicator is a power meter that takes into account trading volume, cyclical movements established by the TOTM team and other complex calculations.

Live charts

Our live charts contain resistance and support levels, trends and other useful information established by the Trade on the Market Mentor team so that individual training exercises can be double checked. These charts cover all market segments.

The Advanced level (ONLY HUNGARIAN) is a perfect choice for further expanding and practicing the knowledge, acquired in the Entry Video Training.

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Video Library (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
We have created the "Advanced - Video Library" for those who enjoy learning independently, at their own pace, free from external dependencies, and processing the available educational materials.
Entry Video Training - Access
200+ hours of existing live seminar video library
Weekly +1 ADVANCED live seminar recording
Written Knowledge Base
Video Library - Discord Access

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Live (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
The "Advanced-Live" subscription offers regularly updated written and video content aimed at facilitating continuous improvement. With weekly interactive live seminars and our mentors' constant presence, you can expect quick and personalized answers to all your questions! This training is only Hungarian.
Weekly 1 Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Advanced Live - Discord access
Continuous mentor presence
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth insights
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written knowledge base

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Challenge (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
With the "Advanced-Challenge" subscription, a unique, interactive learning format awaits you, where you can build and test your existing knowledge in a controlled environment and an excellent community. If you don't have a trading strategy yet, develop one with us!
Strategy Building Challenge
Weekly 1 Live challenge assessment
Challenge assessment video library
Advanced Challenge - Discord access
Continous mentor presence
Weekly 1 Advanced - Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth Insight
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written Knowledge Base

Nagy Tamás




TOTM - Pro

Only English (EN)
All PRO content related to our training materials. Within TotM PRO, our mentors monitor all sectors of the economy and the market. They provide non-stop information about the fundamental events, explain meanings and interpretations in high-quality education. Subscribers receive continuous practical examples for understanding the market in full depth.
Weekly 2 Live Streams from all market sectors
PRO - Discord Access
Multilingual Community Platform
Everyday practical examples
Custom developed indicators
Market News & Conclusions
Access to the last 5 live streams
Live Charts
Unique TOTM cycle analysis dates
Constantly updated knowledge base