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–  Don’t want to be tied to a strict course schedule?

–  Do you like to learn and grow independently, at your own pace?

–  Would you like access to over 200 hours of videos on specific topics?


The solution for you is the Advanced – Video Library. A service for those who want to immerse themselves in the training material delivered by our Mentors in the events of live seminars.

In addition, the subscription also opens a direct path to the “ENTRY” videos and the Advanced written knowledge library.

This means that you not only begin to start, but also continually expand your knowledge with over 200 hours of available tutorial videos and weekly seminar recordings.

Join us and experience the freedom of learning while expanding your knowledge at your own pace!

In Hungarian only (HU) Please do not forget that this service is only available in Hungarian.

The Advanced-Library level gives you the following options:

Entry Video Training:

Entry video training is a 5-part, mini-video training course designed to take you to the first level on the path to learning to trade. (The language of the videos is Hungarian.)

  • Fundamentals of the crypto market
  • The basics of chart analysis
  • Basics of trading execution Part 1
  • Basics of trading execution Part 2
  • Basics of conscious risk and money management

Recordings of 1 live weekly seminar **

The live seminar is a weekly event, usually scheduled for Fridays in the evening (we reserve the right to change the timing). Questions (asked at the live seminar) are promptly addressed immediately.

The live seminar consists of several parts:

  • We regularly assign tasks to our members, and upon receiving their solutions, we present and discuss them to facilitate learning for everyone. (Recording will be available)
  • Following this, a thematic teaching session ensues, delving into exciting topics week after week. (Recording will be available)
  • After the learning session, we engage in informal discussions with our members about any questions related to the instructional material or even current market conditions if asked. (No recording will be made)

The existing recordings of live seminars comprise over 200 hours of educational material, and immediate access is provided.

**(The language of the live seminar is Hungarian. Access to the live seminar is exclusively available with Advanced Live and Advanced Challenge memberships. With an Advanced Video Library subscription, only recordings of the seminars can be viewed on the website.)

A continuously expanding video knowledge base of live seminars:

It’s been our aim to cover the following topics in our previous seminars, without claiming completeness:

  • Flags and wedge formations
  • Head and Shoulders formations
  • Price action
  • Introduction and proper use of MACD/RSI indicators
  • Building strategies
  • Exponential Moving Averages
  • Scale EMA
  • Market psychology
  • Confirmed breakouts and price action
  • Golden Cross, Death Cross vs. timeframes
  • The rules of channel movement
  • The rules of wave movements
  • 2/1 and 2% rules (the base of money and risk management)
  • Trendlines
  • Candlesticks
  • Levels, bands, zones
  • Local levels
  • Trends
  • The basics of how to learn trading

A written knowledge base:

Our Discord server also provides a written knowledge base for our members. Here, we’ve compiled the most essential information and rules in a digestible format to offer everything you need for successful progress.

Topics covered by our mentors include:

  • Advanced Live Seminar – What is a strategy?
  • Crypto dictionary
  • Common mistakes that traders usually make
  • Taxation of capital gains in Hungary
  • Executing trades on Binance Futures
  • Utilizing and setting up Binance-OCO
  • Shorting (Binance futures)
  • Trailing Stop Loss (Binance futures)
  • Continuation flags in trends
  • Candlestick formations
  • A simple and digestible presentation of Swing Trading
  • A flash course in knowledge and strategies for exploiting trend breaks
  • Market psychology
  • Most recognized and identified types of Harmonic patterns
  • Leveraging exponentially growing structures
  • 2/1 Profit-Loss ratio rules
  • Maximum 2% risk
  • Classics in chart reading: corrections, prioritizing trend lines

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Video Library (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
We have created the "Advanced - Video Library" for those who enjoy learning independently, at their own pace, free from external dependencies, and processing the available educational materials.
Entry Video Training - Access
200+ hours of existing live seminar video library
Weekly +1 ADVANCED live seminar recording
Written Knowledge Base
Video Library - Discord Access

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Live (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
The "Advanced-Live" subscription offers regularly updated written and video content aimed at facilitating continuous improvement. With weekly interactive live seminars and our mentors' constant presence, you can expect quick and personalized answers to all your questions! This training is only Hungarian.
Weekly 1 Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Advanced Live - Discord access
Continuous mentor presence
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth insights
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written knowledge base

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Challenge (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
With the "Advanced-Challenge" subscription, a unique, interactive learning format awaits you, where you can build and test your existing knowledge in a controlled environment and an excellent community. If you don't have a trading strategy yet, develop one with us!
Strategy Building Challenge
Weekly 1 Live challenge assessment
Challenge assessment video library
Advanced Challenge - Discord access
Continous mentor presence
Weekly 1 Advanced - Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth Insight
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written Knowledge Base

Nagy Tamás




TOTM - Pro

Only English (EN)
All PRO content related to our training materials. Within TotM PRO, our mentors monitor all sectors of the economy and the market. They provide non-stop information about the fundamental events, explain meanings and interpretations in high-quality education. Subscribers receive continuous practical examples for understanding the market in full depth.
Weekly 2 Live Streams from all market sectors
PRO - Discord Access
Multilingual Community Platform
Everyday practical examples
Custom developed indicators
Market News & Conclusions
Access to the last 5 live streams
Live Charts
Unique TOTM cycle analysis dates
Constantly updated knowledge base