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–  Want to test your skills before trading with a live account?

–  Are you actively trading but feel you are not successful enough?

–  Ready to join a community where you can think together and test different trading strategies?


The solution for you is the interactive Advanced Challenge subscription, where you can take your journey to becoming a successful trader to the next level! Our team provides you with an excellent community where you can test and build on your existing skills.


In our experience:

  • One of the biggest challenges for most beginner traders is to determine where and on what asset to open position, and how to identify the right environment.
  • Some believe that opening more positions equates to better results, but inexperienced traders often suffer serious losses in this manner. 
  • There are individuals who have overcome these challenges but struggle with executing, managing, and closing positions effectively.


To enhance the development and practice of these skills, thereby improving profitability, we’ve created our Advanced ‘Performance’ Challenge service.

The essence of the challenge lies in a learning environment (Tradingview Paper Trading), where participants open positions they deem appropriate and post the opening in a dedicated Discord room within a set timeframe. Later, they respond to their opening post with the closure of the same position.

Our mentors record and analyze the submitted positions in a database we’ve developed. This analysis allows us to provide helpful feedback and constructive advice on tested strategies during the weekly Live challenge event.

In Hungarian only (HU) Please do not forget that this service is only available in Hungarian.

Why should you join?


  • Gaining experience and skill development: The service provides an opportunity for acquiring experience without having to trade with real money. This allows for risk-free practice and enhances your trading skills.
  • Mentoring and feedback: Feedbacks, provided by the community and mentors, helps you understand and improve your trading strategies. This enables faster development and reduces the number of unprofitable positions.
  • Community support: You become the part of a community where you can exchange experiences with other traders. This fosters mutual learning and assists in better understanding of the market dynamics.
  • Interactive seminars: Participation in the interactive seminars (also included in the subscription) allows direct exposure to new strategies and techniques that aid in better understanding your trading decisions.
  • Structured environment: The service provides a framework for learning and practicing trading, making your activities more structured and helping you progress towards your goals more easily.

These advantages collectively help you step into the trading world more effectively and confidently, reducing risks and increasing the likelihood of successful trades.

The Advanced-Challenge subscription gives you the following options:

How does the strategy-building challenge help you develop?

  • Improves trading skills, position management 
  • Demonstrates how to calculate 2/1 and 2% and manage risk
  • Demonstrates that positions started in the wrong place cause losses in the long run 
  • Demonstrates that the majority of positions taken in safe positions are successful, which when combined with a good ratio strategy (e.g. 10/6), 2/1 and 2% system, will provide sustainable profits over the long term without ups and downs. 
  • We produce evaluations where we can show you why a trader does well, or fails, in a given situation.

Advanced Challenge Rules of Participation:

If any of the positions do not comply with the rules, they will not be included in the database.

  • We only accept information about opened positions in the corresponding discord room!
    (The position must be submitted within 1-2 minutes after it has been started, otherwise it will not be accepted.)
  • Any image posted of a position opening must include the Paper Trading bar along with the open position for later verification.  

(This can of course be any demo account (e.g. Pepperstone), but the opening and closing must be done via tradingview or metatrader) 

(Tradingview’s image sharing does not include the paper trading bar, so some kind of image cropping software is required for posting)

When opening a position, we require you to add a comment to the attached picture about the ticker name of the asset, the direction of the position, comment whether and opening or closing, and the timeframe of the trade (1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, 1D, etc.).
(if this is not included in the post, the position will not be accepted and filed)


Compulsory elements at the opening:

  • Ticker (not name, not nickname, exact ticker!!!)
  • Long/Short
  • Opening/Closing
  • Timeframe



  • LINKUSDT long open 5m  LINK/USDT open
  • NVDA short opening 1m NVID short


RUNEUSD Long 5m Open

  • When closing a position, the post should be a reference (i.e. a reply post) to the open position’s post!
  • In addition, the asset should be named in a comment and a call to say that this is a position close. In addition, when closing a position, the chart and the Paper Trading bar (history) should also be attached, so that the position can be checked later if necessary. 
  • When closing a position, the number of units of profit or loss should be indicated accurately (please use the measuring tools provided by the trading platform . In addition, the attached chart should also show the Long/Short meter tool that clearly proves how many units of profit or loss you have made. If requested details are not on the chart, the position will not be accepted.


RUNEUSD Close +2,39

  • A position that has been checked is marked with a “Green tick
  • A position that has been denied will receive a “Red X” 

A position that cannot be interpreted according to the above rules (mainly due to incompleteness) will receive a “Red exclamation mark

If you see such a sign under the position, please correct the deficiency, and if the position complies with the rules, please let us know in the chat and we will correct it. The fewer of them, the less time it takes for you and us to fix the position. So, please check back to your post eventually to see our confirmation of your position.

Live Challenge Review once a week:

The Live Challenge Review is an event scheduled once a week, usually on Mondays (we reserve the right to change the timing), in the evening hours. Most questions asked during the live event will be answered immediately.

During this interactive event, we evaluate the statistics of as many participant’s open and closed positions as possible from the past period, providing valuable feedback and advice regarding the strategy tested in the challenge. Additionally, you can request the opinions and professional insights of our mentors on the specific situation, gaining further valuable guidance toward achieving your goals. 

Depending on the numbers of participants please understand that we might have no time to analyze all results at the live event.

Out of respect for our members, we want to note that most parts of the event will be recorded. By joining the conversation, you accept that your voice and shared screen may appear in the recording. If you cannot participate in a session, don’t worry; you won’t miss anything, as the recording will be made available on our website.

A continuously expanding 'Live Challenge Review' video library:

Each event of the live strategy building seminar will be recorded and will be available on our website for the duration of your subscription without any limit.


Unique "Advanced Challenge and Advanced Live" community - Discord access:

The Advanced Challenge and Advanced Live subscription offer multiple chat rooms covering various key market sectors. These rooms provide more than just information; they offer a genuine, interactive course. There’s no question here that won’t be answered.

These chat rooms operate as an endless course, providing continuous posts, practice opportunities, knowledge exchanges, and resources. Our mentors are committed to addressing all your questions and helping you understand market events, ensuring progress and learning.

The subscription not only grants access to these chat rooms but also to a complete communication network fostering a positive atmosphere and mutual support. Our aim here is not just to alleviate stress but also to enjoy the journey towards knowledge and success!

Continuous mentor presence:

With the guidance and assistance of our mentors, you can always bring out the best in yourself.

Live seminar 1 time a week:

Live seminar held weekly, where no question remains unanswered! The live seminar is a weekly event, usually scheduled for Fridays in the evening (we reserve the right to change the timing). Most questions asked live are promptly addressed immediately.

The live seminar consists of several parts:

  • We regularly assign tasks to our members, and upon receiving their solutions, we present and discuss them to facilitate learning for everyone. (Recording will be available)
  • Following this, a thematic teaching session ensues, delving into exciting topics week after week. (Recording will be available)
  • After the teaching session, we engage in informal discussions with our members about any questions related to the instructional material or even current market scenarios. (No recording will be made)

We greatly respect our members; hence, we’d like to mention that certain parts of the event will be recorded. By joining the conversation, you accept that your voice and shared images will appear in the recording. If you can’t participate in a discussion, don’t worry; you won’t miss out because we make the recordings available on our website. Additionally, upon request, we can revisit a topic multiple times because we understand that many subjects aren’t as simple as they may initially seem.

Active subscribers can unlimitedly access the recordings of the 200+ hours of past seminars on our website for the duration of their membership.

A continuously expanding video knowledge base of live seminars:

It’s been our aim to cover the following topics in our previous seminars, without claiming completeness:

  • Flags and wedge formations
  • Head and Shoulders formations
  • Price action
  • Introduction and proper use of MACD/RSI indicators
  • Building strategies
  • Exponential Moving Averages
  • Scale EMA
  • Market psychology
  • Confirmed breakouts and price action
  • Golden Cross, Death Cross vs. timeframes
  • The rules of channel movement
  • The rules of wave movements
  • 2/1 and 2% rules (the base of money and risk management)
  • Trendlines
  • Candlesticks
  • Levels, bands, zones
  • Local levels
  • Trends
  • The basics of how to learn trading

Live Charts:

Track real-time price movements using our live charts, which on a daily timeframe can facilitate understanding of a specific element, its major technical levels, and cycles. Moreover, these live charts support the learning process as they can also be used to verify analytical practices.

Deep Dive - In-depth Insight:

On our Discord server’s #deep-dive room, valuable and essential connections are brought to light. Week after week, we pay particular attention to ensuring that our Advanced Live members not only receive information but also comprehend and contextualize it. Therefore, our mentors succinctly describe various connections in an easily understandable manner, providing a deeper insight into the complexities of market sectors.

Weekly Macro summaries and analysis videos:

We constantly monitor incoming macroeconomic data to provide our members with up-to-date analysis and forecasts. Our published summaries always highlight the economic and market implications of the latest macro information. These summaries develop economic trends on a graph that can be confirmed or challenged by indicators. To this end, we produce Macro Videos every day (five days a week) to provide our subscribers with the most accurate and relevant information possible.

Entry Video Training:

Entry video training is a 5-part, mini-video training course designed to take you to the first level on the path to learning to trade. (The language of the videos is Hungarian.)

  • Fundamentals of the crypto market
  • The basics of chart analysis
  • Basics of trading execution Part 1
  • Basics of trading execution Part 2
  • Basics of conscious risk and money management

A written knowledge base:

Our Discord server also provides a written knowledge base for our members. Here, we’ve compiled the most essential information and rules in a digestible format to offer everything you need for successful progress.

Topics covered by our mentors include:

  • Advanced Live Seminar – What is a strategy?
  • Crypto dictionary
  • Common mistakes that traders usually make
  • Taxation of capital gains in Hungary
  • Executing trades on Binance Futures
  • Utilizing and setting up Binance-OCO
  • Shorting (Binance futures)
  • Trailing Stop Loss (Binance futures)
  • Continuation flags in trends
  • Candlestick formations
  • A simple and digestible presentation of Swing Trading
  • A flash course in knowledge and strategies for exploiting trend breaks
  • Market psychology
  • Most recognized and identified types of Harmonic patterns
  • Leveraging exponentially growing structures
  • 2/1 Profit-Loss ratio rules
  • Maximum 2% risk
  • Classics in chart reading: corrections, prioritizing trend lines

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Video Library (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
We have created the "Advanced - Video Library" for those who enjoy learning independently, at their own pace, free from external dependencies, and processing the available educational materials.
Entry Video Training - Access
200+ hours of existing live seminar video library
Weekly +1 ADVANCED live seminar recording
Written Knowledge Base
Video Library - Discord Access

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Live (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
The "Advanced-Live" subscription offers regularly updated written and video content aimed at facilitating continuous improvement. With weekly interactive live seminars and our mentors' constant presence, you can expect quick and personalized answers to all your questions! This training is only Hungarian.
Weekly 1 Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Advanced Live - Discord access
Continuous mentor presence
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth insights
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written knowledge base

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor



Advanced - Challenge (HUN)

Only Hungarian (HU)
With the "Advanced-Challenge" subscription, a unique, interactive learning format awaits you, where you can build and test your existing knowledge in a controlled environment and an excellent community. If you don't have a trading strategy yet, develop one with us!
Strategy Building Challenge
Weekly 1 Live challenge assessment
Challenge assessment video library
Advanced Challenge - Discord access
Continous mentor presence
Weekly 1 Advanced - Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth Insight
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written Knowledge Base

Nagy Tamás




TOTM - Pro

Only English (EN)
All PRO content related to our training materials. Within TotM PRO, our mentors monitor all sectors of the economy and the market. They provide non-stop information about the fundamental events, explain meanings and interpretations in high-quality education. Subscribers receive continuous practical examples for understanding the market in full depth.
Weekly 2 Live Streams from all market sectors
PRO - Discord Access
Multilingual Community Platform
Everyday practical examples
Custom developed indicators
Market News & Conclusions
Access to the last 5 live streams
Live Charts
Unique TOTM cycle analysis dates
Constantly updated knowledge base