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Advanced Live 77

Position placements

Uploaded 13. July 2024.


Advanced Live 76

MACD strategy - questions & answers

Uploaded 06. July 2024.


Advanced Live 75

RSI at a high level

Uploaded 29. June 2024.

About us

Trade On The Market

Our team is committed to your success. That’s why we created a system to help you make independent and informed decisions. Within the project, we give you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the operation of most market sectors.



Here you can find all subsciptions. Advanced level and video trainings are
for Hungarians while Pro level is for English speakers.

Only Hungarian (HU)
Advanced - Video Library (HUN)
€35 month
We have created the "Advanced - Video Library" for those who enjoy learning independently, at their own pace, free from external dependencies, and processing the available educational materials.
Entry Video Training - Access
200+ hours of existing live seminar video library
Weekly +1 ADVANCED live seminar recording
Written Knowledge Base
Video Library - Discord Access
Only Hungarian (HU)
Advanced - Live (HUN)
€50 month
The "Advanced-Live" subscription offers regularly updated written and video content aimed at facilitating continuous improvement. With weekly interactive live seminars and our mentors' constant presence, you can expect quick and personalized answers to all your questions!
Weekly 1 Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Advanced Live - Discord access
Continuous mentor presence
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth insights
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written knowledge base
Only Hungarian (HU)
Advanced - Challenge (HUN)
€80 month
With the "Advanced-Challenge" subscription, a unique, interactive learning format awaits you, where you can build and test your existing knowledge in a controlled environment and an excellent community. If you don't have a trading strategy yet, develop one with us!
Strategy Building Challenge
Weekly 1 Live challenge assessment
Challenge assessment video library
Advanced Challenge - Discord access
Continous mentor presence
Weekly 1 Advanced - Live seminar
Live seminar video knowledge base
Live Charts
Deep Dive - In-depth Insight
Weekly Macro Analyses
Entry Video Training
Written Knowledge Base
Only English (EN)
TOTM - Pro
€80 month
All PRO content related to our training materials. Within TotM PRO, our mentors monitor all sectors of the economy and the market. They provide non-stop information about the fundamental events, explain meanings and interpretations in high-quality education. Subscribers receive continuous practical examples for understanding the market in full depth.
Weekly 2 Live Streams from all market sectors
PRO - Discord Access
Multilingual Community Platform
Everyday practical examples
Custom developed indicators
Market News & Conclusions
Access to the last 5 live streams
Live Charts
Unique TOTM cycle analysis dates
Constantly updated knowledge base

Why Us?

This is our offer

My Community Platform

We provide active communication and supportive community. Our mentors are available 24/7.

Market tracking

Crypto, Stocks, ETF/INDEX, Commodities, Forex.

Live Training with Mentoring

We help you to understand market movements via live seminars”

Tools and aids

We provide genuine TOTM indicators, calculators so that you can easily manage your work.

200+ Hours Video Tutorial

Increasing numbers of training videos

We expand your knowledge

Access to our video and lexical knowledge base, which will never stop growing


Training feedback from our Hungarian students

In the few months I have been here, you have given me an amazing amount of knowledge, which has helped me to develop some financial awareness . “

TOTM Advanced

Dear TOTM team, thank you very much for your quality work! There is a lot to learn from you. In my humble opinion, this is the best Hungarian crypto channel!

TOTM Advanced

Everything I learn from you will be an invaluable asset in the world of stock trading! I finally see everything clearly since I’ve been here with you


I think that TOTM has put on the table a material that if you do it, if you listen, if you test your own strategy, you can end your years on a positive note . “

Video training

So at the end of the training I can confidently say to everyone that this investment will pay off. Because you’re not relying on anyone else, but on yourself.

Video training

Thanks to the entire TOTM team for putting together a world-class training material in terms of subject matter and language, as well as for all the background support . “

Video training