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In Hungarian only (HU)
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Money Factory “ENTRY” is a 5-part, mini-video training,
which is designed to help you take the first step on the path to learning to trade in a way that will enable you to trade successfully on the basis of what you have learned.

In Hungarian only (HU) Please do not forget that this service is only available in Hungarian.

The first part of the video series will help you feel at home
in the trading environment with the fundamental basics
of the Crypto market.

In the second part, you will find the basics of analysis,
which will enable you to perform the most basic tasks of chart reading.

In the third and fourth videos, you can learn the basics of trading
from two of our great team members.
With these basics, you can confidently start developing basic trading strategies.

In the last video, Tamas introduces you to the techniques of
conscious risk management and the basics of capital protection.
This is the most critical part of trading. Without this knowledge it is all just gambling.

Terenyei Béla

High Supervisor


Video Training

Entry Video Training

Only Hungarian (HU)
The Entry is a mini Video Training (5 parts) which was created for the purpose of taking the first steps of the path os succesful trading.
Fundamentals of the crypto market
The basics of chart analysis
Basics of trade execution Part 1
Basics of trade execution Part 2
The basics of conscious risk and money management

Nagy Tamás



Video Training

Expert Video Training

Only Hungarian (HU)
This training is a series of 18 + 18 videos, which provides training material from the basics to the top, covering almost all market sectors.
100+ hours of Training video - (Only Hungarian)
Video Training Discord chat - lifetime - (Only Hungarian)
Basic knowledge of trading and analysis - (Only Hungarian)
Tools to interpret the stock market properly
Strategies, stock market psychology, risk and money management - (Only Hungarian)